For students in grade 3-12 who are interested in developing an algorithmic way of thinking through creating apps and games in Scratch, Small Basic and Python or creating websites using HTML and JavaScript.



Grade 3 and up

The class is tailored for students who have never been exposed to computer programming before.

The Scratch language is visually oriented and shields students from syntactical aspects of other programming languages allowing them to concentrate on concepts rather than cumbersome grammar rules.

At the end of the Scratch course, regardless of grade, students will be able to write programs in Scratch and publish them on the Internet. 

Android Apps

Grade 5 and up

Archimedes and MindAntix are partnering to bring a new course this Fall on building mobile apps.

During this course students will learn computer science, creative thinking and user design concepts through the process of designing and building their own mobile apps At the end of the program, students will participate in an in-house competition for the best app. We will also explore additional competitions and avenues for the students to participate and showcase their work.

We will be using MIT's App Inventor for building our mobile apps for Android devices version 1.6 and higher.


Grade 7 and up

Python is becoming the language of choice for first time programmers due to the relatively simple syntax compared to other high level programming languages.

This class brings parametrized methods, dynamically typed local variables, libraries, and most importantly – objects. Yes, the list sounds very technical, but it is transparent to students – they learn all that by making fun games.

JavaScript with HTML 5 and CSS 3

Grade 7 and up

HTML 5 + CSS 3 + JavaScript are the main ingredients of all modern web sites today. Students learn these technologies through a series of fun projects. They learn how to make web site content using plain HTML code (no templates, ladies and gentlemen), how to make the content colorful and visually interesting, and then to make the content alive using JavaScript programming language.

Code It!

Grade 3 and up

This class is about coding fun projects in a programming language of the students' choice with help from our instructors. Project ideas are tailored towards programming languages such as Scratch, Small Basic, Python and JavaScript. Students can work either individually or in teams.

The prerequisite for this course is basic knowledge of at least one of the following programming languages: Scratch, Small Basic, Python or JavaScript.


Archimedes School will provide 15" wide screen laptop computers for each student during class sessions.

The Archimedes School computers have necessary software for the classes including parental and classroom control.

Unfortunately we cannot allow students to use their own computers in order to prevent students being distracted by installed applications.