Math Game classes are an enjoyable way to develop logical thinking and to learn how to play board games with a full understanding of winning strategies. So many researches show that games and puzzles are the most efficient way to show students beautiful side of mathematics and support math understanding.

By playing games students develop mathematical thinking while looking for different strategies to win or solve problems. While playing fun and engaging mathematical games they master their logical thinking and deepen understanding of numbers.

The math game classes are the result of our diligent research and they are beneficial in helping students develop mathematical thinking. 



We play games that help students develop logical reasoning to deduce an answer rather than randomly guessing, improve number sense, instill probability, algebra and geometry.

Here is a list of our favorite games:

  • Nothing-Digit-Place (AKA Master Mind) The Most Popular Game in our classes!
  • What is my rule and Function machine
  • KenKen, 24 game, Krypto
  • Pilos, Mancala, Tower of Hanoi, Blokus, Othello, Ingenious,
  • Logic Links, Rush Hour, Chocolate Fix, Anti-Virus, Serpentiles, Q-Bitz
  • Skippity, Quirkle, Pentago
  • card games: Set, Swish, War, Spot It, Blink
  • 4 Way Countdown
  • Izzi, Tangram, Pentomino


This is one of the favorite games of Archimedes School students.

Your task as a player is to guess a three digit number (with no zeroes and no repeating digits) in as few attempts as possible with some help using given hints.

The Cat gives a hint using three letters: N, D, and P. The hint tells how many digits you have not guessed correctly, how many digits you have guessed correctly, and how many digits if any you guessed correctly are at the correct place.